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Spectify – Smartphone Specifications

Even in old cars, premium features will be available, this small device will have to be installed, GPS and voice recording facility will also be available. Newer cars now come with a GPS tracking feature, but this feature is rarely seen in some older cars. If you are also driving a used car then you might not have this feature. This feature helps you to know the location of the car. You can get this feature in your old car by spending some money, let us know in detail.

Spectify Smartphone Specifications Finder

Spectify Smartphone Specifications Finder

So many GPS devices are available on the e-commerce platform but we were looking for a product for you that is budget, compact and user friendly. We have come across one such product. Which is low cost and small size. You can keep this product anywhere in the car. Let’s know the price and other specifications of this product.

How much is the price? :  There are many GPS trackers available on Amazon. One of the affordable options is the tracking device from Techdash. Apart from GPS, it also has voice recording feature. It is also very easy to use. You can buy a GPS tracker for Rs 1,099. This tracker from Techdash comes with a magnetic feature.

What is the specification? :  In this you get real time tracking, voice monitoring and option to use SIM card. By dialing the number of the SIM card inserted in this tracker, you can hear the voice of the people sitting in the car. It does not provide any notification light.. so that someone will know about the tracker. To use it, you just need to insert an active SIM card and your car will be GPS enabled.

Can be used outside the car as well.

You don’t need any installation for this. You can track your device in real time with the help of internet. You can use it not only to track cars but also children. Read the customer reviews once before buying any product from the online market place. This will give you an idea of ​​the real life usability of the product. Do you also use an older car and want the connected features found in newer cars? In such a situation, a small device can prove very useful to you. Let’s know the features of this GPS tracking device.

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