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Mini Cooling Fan In India New Update

Mini Cooling Fan  In India 

No more heat while working in the kitchen : Even after the arrival of monsoon, many parts of the country are still experiencing heat. This summer lasts till the month of September. However, people try to get rid of the heat by installing air coolers, fans or ACs at home. But, people who work in the kitchen, have to face many problems in summer. One of the reasons is the absence of a fan in the kitchen. But, you can also buy gadgets for the kitchen. This will not only give you relief from the heat, but you won’t have to spend a lot of money for this either. Here we are talking about portable neck fan,,,this gadget is very useful. It works at high speed and keeps you cool-cool, cool-cool…however, the name itself tells you that this is a neck band fan. Which can be purchased online and offline as well.
Mini Cooling Fan In India New Update

Available for less than 1 thousand

You can easily buy this device under Rs 1,000. It has an inbuilt battery. With its help you can use it for hours even without light. However, after the battery is discharged, you can charge it again. You have to apply this fan only on the neck. Along with this you will also get two small fans. It blows air in your face. This keeps you cool even in summer. Being portable you can move around with it easily.

The company claims about this fan that its noise is very low. Apart from the kitchen, it can also be used in other places for workouts. It is worth mentioning that this device will prove to be very useful for the housewives working in the kitchen. No more heat while working in the kitchen! This little device will keep you cool, the price is very low

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