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Apple Watch Series New Update 2022-2023

Apple Watch Series :

Apple is building a smartwatch with a camera that can take photography directly from the wrist; Know the details : Soon you will see Apple Watch with camera in the market. Yes, that’s right, as the patent filing suggests that Apple intends to place the camera inside the Digital Crown of the Apple Watch, located on the right edge of the wearable. This was one of several proposed solutions put forward to fit a camera lens on a smartwatch. The Cupertino-based company already offers heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring and other health and fitness-related features in its wearables. According to a report by Counterpoint Research, Apple Watch has the largest wearable category share globally.

According to a patent granted to Apple by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), first reported by iMore Publications, Apple has attempted to place a camera lens inside the Digital Crown button to allow it to capture photographs. which would allow photography to be captured through an aperture extending through the dial. According to the patent, the camera lens can be mounted inside the aperture and/or behind the dial hole to focus on the object.

Apple Watch Series New Update 2022

The photo can be taken directly from the wrist

This setting describes how one can capture photographs by raising the hand with the Digital Crown in front of the object. It should be noted that with this setting, users can only wear the watch on the right hand so that the lens can be placed in the digital crown on the opposite side of their body. Additionally, there is no guarantee that Apple will create an Apple Watch that will have a camera as it is common that some patents never become an actual product. Moreover such technology must take into account various factors such as privacy and use cases, and may take some time to take shape – suggesting that it will not happen so quickly.

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